Not For Midcentury Technology

This pattern, which I have called Weston Tech, is destined eventually for technology cases and notebook covers on Redbubble.

The pattern itself is very mid-century in its motifs and colours (although the background is perhaps more modern). The idea was to create a cover that was busy yet which was also harmonious and appeared to have (as it does) some underlying structure. In essence it is no more than a fast repeat with some elements mirrored.

I was pleased with the overall result which appears structured as well as having definite up and down breaks which confuse the eye and make the result just a little less predictable. As the title suggests, this is for modern and not mid-century technology! I will upload it eventually to Redbubble and I will show you the result later.

There are two images above and they show the straight repeat and then the half drop version which is the final version that I shall use (sorry that they are at different scales).

This is really a note for myself to say that this image was finished using Corel Perfect Effects.

As ever, you can also see larger versions of this and our other work on our Flickr page which is here.