Sophistication with Helen and xar164

Sophistication with Helen and xar164

As it is Friday we will have a little change from lino and see my highest-paid model, Helen, with a fabric that I designed recently.

This is a simple eye-catching design intended as a fashion fabric and it shows up well out here in the summer sunshine – particularly as the weather is particularly cold, wet and miserable in the UK as I write this.

The motif is a timeless one and could well have been found during the mid-century but then it would probably have been used in the large rather than as a small motif. I tried it as both and on a top like this it definitely looks better as shown although I will try and use it on a dress where it does take the large motif and if successful I will show that over the weekend.

As I said, my Flickr account is now working, although without its Pro status, so you can see the image full size at the usual address.

Sophistication with Helen and xar164

Sophistication in the hallway with xar161

Sophistication in the hallway with xar161

We are moving up a level in sophistication today with a linoleum product that does justice to the fine hallway that I have been using these last few weeks.

Created with Xara Designer 9, this is the sort of tile that would have been used mid-century although I have chosen to give it a ‘complete roll’ look rather than the look of individual tiles. A light design, it makes the hall look bigger, bolder and airer because small detail tiles tend to look, and add, an air of sophistication.

Some experimentation revealed that the tiles look best at the size shown rather than smaller which would probably be the case if they were individual floor tiles. At a smaller size you tend to lose the sophistication and the tiles blur into the background.

For the record I went down to the shop and bought two nice pictures to put on the wall, these are there simply for composition (and because I like them).


Fun With Geometric Lino FF090

Fun With Geometric Lino FF090

All right I admit it, I’m being a little naughty, this design is an adaptation of various midcentury designs but, I confess, it is not really a true midcentury pattern. It is however one that I particularly like.

It is based, fairly obviously, on the designs that have gone before with just a supple twist to the pattern which makes a big, big difference to the overall final effect. As a realistic linoleum pattern I am not sure that there would be a queue of people waiting to buy but it is fun, isn’t it?.

I’m also pleased to tell you that I appear to have managed to get back my Flickr account and so this post’s images are also available in a larger format on my Pixelspinner account.


More Geometric Lino With FF089

More Geometric Lino With FF089
This is the third incarnation of the same pattern and it shows clearly how a different colour scheme can change the look of the hall.

As you can see by comparing the images, the hallway is exactly the same except for the colour of the lino on the floor. The red colour gives the floor and the room a light and airy look and accentuates the sunshine coming in through the front door. A bright colour, it makes the room look wide and brings down, I think, the height of the ceiling.

This is a nice pattern in a nice colour and, I have to say, one of my favourites. According to my notes the red is Post Office Red and the colour between the pattern is Gossamer, these colours taken from the British Standard of the 1950s.

To be honest, having now the opportunity to sit and look at the finished image, I think this is an ideal linoleum for a hallway even today as it would have been mid-century.

Unfortunately, in the move from BT to Yahoo I have managed to delete my Flickr account and so these images do not appear at a larger resolution than you will get from clicking above.


More Geometric Lino With FF088


It never ceases to surprise me how different the same area can look with the same surface pattern yet with just a change of colour.

This is the same pattern as in the last post but the colours are now quite different, the blue has been replaced with green and the spaces between the blue pattern are filled with an earth colour. The effect of this is to make a hallway much darker and to shorten the apparent space between the floor and ceiling, making the room appear wider.

When I created this colour scheme, a few days ago, I liked it a lot but now, writing this post, I am not so sure whether I have made the right choice. A glance ahead to the post set for tomorrow shows that perhaps I was right and that the background colour is too dark. Tomorrow I will post a different version of this pattern which will create a very different look for the room and, like me, you can make your own choice.

For those interested in the colours I use, the two colours are from the 1950s British Standard and are Baltic Green and Mecca Red.

More Geometric Lino With FF088

Geometric Hallway With FF088

FF088 a geometric pattern for lino

Geometric patterns look really good in a large space such as hallway because they give depth and size to the room pushing outwards the walls and raising the ceiling.

In the 1950s geometric patterns began to be freed from the ornamentation of the pre-war years and a clean and natural design was developed using just simple shapes and with no attempt at ornamentation. This was a very much in keeping with the new look emerging after the war of clean simple lines and unfussy and natural forms.

This found expression particularly in linoleum and the lino shown here is a typical blue pattern which could have been found in thousands of hallways, kitchens and bathrooms across the United Kingdom. As well as blue, which was probably the most popular colour, this pattern would have been available in greens and browns and possibly in a form of red. I will adapt this pattern to other colours and post them in the next day or so to see the contrast and the look that is obtained.

Geometric pattern


Another Swell Hallway with FF085

Another Swell Hallway with FF085

As promised yesterday, here is the same hallway with a similar pattern but this time in a lighter colour.

Again the floor covering is a new one and therefore quite reflective which helps to light the hall and provide some interest.

Daz hall FF085 seaswell light