Fabric Xar117

Fabric Xar117

Today we have a geometrical pattern again for a fabric which uses designs from the early years of the 50s decade and later 60s but is designed to be used in the small.

I like large designs but small is useful also and a lot of small designs were used in those decades. These are rather predicable colours but the small patterns look good and show up the shape of the dress and also catch the light well. The images are very true to life I think and represent well the way that the pattern would look.

Once again you can see the design on Flickr presented by my model, Miki, by going to the main page here.

Fabric Xar116

Fabric Xar116

This is another rather geometrical design for a fabric which owes a lot to the early years of the 50s decade and later 60s.

Shown on Flickr in three colours, this design is rather ‘straight up and straight down’ yet presents itself with a simplicity that is hard not to like. Of the three colours I think black looks the best but I was disappointed not to be able to get the belt to look a little better. This is my fault rather than the program.

You can see the design on Flickr by going to the main page here. Several people asked me if the photos were available as wide screen and, in fact, they are. The program produces them in an (almost) widescreen format so I have cropped them 16:9 and they are there, too – go and have a look.

Fabric xar112

Fabric xar112

This is another pattern based on and inspired by mid-century designs but which is much more a 21st-century pattern mainly because of the colours.

You can see the Swatch above and a larger version on Flickr here together with the same image that I used yesterday but using this material here.

Once again this is a pattern that lends itself to a business or every day article of clothing.

Fabric xar111

Fabric xar111

This is a really nice fabric designed as a fashion fabric and incorporating many design aspects that make it definitely mid-century and the sort of fabric that would have been used for everyday work dresses and the like.

Once again I have incorporated the fabric into a 3-D scene created in Poser. For those that are interested, the scene was created entirely from elements that are available in Poser 9. Importantly, the walls, windows and the door are created from the ‘Pick’ products which are really a Do-it-yourself assembly kit for building rooms, or for that matter, complete houses.

I have modified the lighting from the scene I used yesterday and I think that this new lighting provides a little more realism. Obviously, I am not after complete photo realism since the scene is used just to highlight the fabric design but, of course, a little realism does not hurt.

You can see the swatch by clicking the link above or you can see the larger version of the swatch by clicking here and you can see Miki wearing a dress created from the fabric by clicking here. The links take you to my photostream on Flickr.

Fabric xar110

Fabric xar110

A good fabric design that owes its origin to early mid-century patterns and perhaps with a nod to Victorian design.

This is a very simple leaf pattern with just one design that is repeated and used, for this particular fabric, as a rather small repeat. It is shown here as a swatch but uploaded to Flickr is the material as it might appear used on a dress.

You can click the image above or click here and here to see the full size images on Flickr.

Fabric xar108 Update

Xar108 Update

This is an update to Monday’s post about fabric design xar108 and the possibility of demonstrating it in a better way.

I tried using Poser some years ago with very little success as a way to demonstrate fabric designs and I thought, having been involved in a lot of 3-D work recently, that I would revisit that possibility. The initial result – and I stress this is still work in progress – is shown above and represents Miki2 shown wearing the fabric xar108 in all three colours.

As you know, I was not very pleased with the result using Katie but I have to say that I am much more satisfied with this result. As I said, this is still work in progress and I hope to improve the quality of the images. But I still think, as I have done for some years, that 3-D applications is the way to go for the future.

I hope you like the image above and if you want to see it full size you can go to Flickr and see it here.

Finally, having said all this, I have to say now that I don’t really like the overall look of this pattern seeing it demonstrated on a model.  This is, of course, the whole point of showing it this way!

Design xar108

Design xar108

Another free pattern today and a very standard one designed as a fabric mostly for fashion and furnishing.

You will see at once that the design, although based in the 1960s, uses much more modern colours although, having said that, these are colours that could have been used at that time.

This is a free background and all three colours are on Flickr at 1024 by 768 here, here and here.

If you look on Flickr you will see that I used Katie from Poser 8 to demonstrate some other and older fabric designs. This is something that I have done several times before and have never been that pleased with the result and I have to say that I’m not that pleased with this result. However, having said that, I feel that this is a good way to show off the fabric designs that I create and I will therefore have another attempt using perhaps this fabric and see if I can produce something that looks a little more realistic.

The point being that cartoon characters producing a flat design reproduce the fabric better than do 3-D models unless you get the texture exactly right. We will see.